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Where it all started....

My story....

A working mom and cycling enthusiast, based in Dundrum, Dublin.

If I can remember, I’ve always owned a bike and growing up our garage was full of them. My earliest memory was being carried on the back of my Mam’s bike. She would take me everywhere with her and particularly during the summer months, I can recall the warm sunny breeze blowing against my face as I sat back in my little seat taking it all in.

I cycled to secondary school and over the years to work but it was just a mode of transport taking me from A to B. My first real introduction to cycling was when I joined a local cycling club. It is here that my love of cycling began. Now it has become almost like a religion, if I’m not practicing or out in the elements on my bike I feel lost, I am at my happiest when out on my bike.

I can be found haring around the South Dublin and Wicklow country side on my red Ridley Helium RS either on my own or with my cycling buddies from Scott Orwell Wheelers, look out for the name LoveVelo on my back.